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Injustice 2: How to Do a Special Move


Injustice 2: How to Do a Special Move

How to Do a Special Move in Injustice 2

If anyone wants to really dominate their opponents in Injustice 2, they will need to have a strong handle on their special moves. Every character in the game has a unique set of special moves that offer a variety of different advantages based on what kind of kit that character is expected to provide.

To use your special moves, you’ll want to open the game’s menu in order to take a peek at your character’s move list. Keep in mind that while many of the input combinations are similar, the actual move list is unique to each specific character in the game. A collection of “move highlights” will be presented once you open the menu, and selecting move list will give you a more thorough breakdown of all the moves your character is capable of performing. If you enter this menu and scroll over to the special moves section by hitting R1 you’ll find a full list of your character’s special moves. From a strategic standpoint, many of these special moves will be used to provide a strong finish for certain combos—especially if you have managed to juggle your opponent.

Another key thing to remember with special moves is that some of them will allow you to burn some of your meter in order to make the move more powerful. If you input the command motion listed for a particular special move while also pressing down your meter burn button (this will be the right trigger by default unless you alter your controls), you will sacrifice some of your meter in exchange for a more powerful special move.

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