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4 Incredible, Tiny Details in This Year’s Games So Far


4 Incredible, Tiny Details in This Year’s Games So Far

Such tiny, but amazing details.

Peeking Inside Horizon Zero Dawn’s Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with incredible visuals and tiny details for players to gawk at as they explore its world. However, one of the more fascinating details we personally found was when we decided to take a closer look at the screenshot above. Sure, you can see the sets of cables that create a sort of muscle, or the cloud of dust rising from the floor after the beast hit the ground, but there’s something even more impressive. And it’s in that razor-sharp mouth.

If you zoom in close enough on the image, you can actually make out the screws, holes, and smooth surfaces of each razor. Zoom in even further, however, and that small speck of white in the center of the mouth can be identified as another piece of tiny metal helping to comprise this mechanical beast.

There’s a ton of fascinating details that can be found on Horizon Zero Dawn’s machines, but the fact that Guerrilla Games went through the painstaking effort to texture bits of metal inside the creatures themselves is a step above the rest.

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