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Is God of War PS4 Coming to PC?


Is God of War PS4 Coming to PC?

Is God of War PS4 Coming to PC?

The upcoming God of War PS4 title is a bit of a change for the series. Rather than Kratos being an incredibly angry god as he slashes his way through all manner of beasts, he seeks to become a better man for the sake of his son. This is a different take on the iconic Sony character, and fans are already eager to see how it pans out. While we know the game is coming to PS4, some may be wondering if the game is headed to PC.

Unfortunately, the only place you’ll be playing the upcoming God of War from Sony Santa Monica is on the PS4. As a first-party studio, Santa Monica only releases its games on Sony’s hardware. This is also reconfirmed by the “Only on PlayStation” tag on the game’s official PlayStation page.

With God of War PS4 unlikely to come to PC, if you’re interested in diving into the next chapter of Kratos’ story, you may want to look into picking up a PS4.

We haven’t seen a ton of Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming title, but we’re sure to see more as E3 rolls around in June. For more on God of War and everything else gaming, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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