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Fire Emblem Echoes: The Best Class for Each Villager


Fire Emblem Echoes: The Best Class for Each Villager

The Best Class for Each Villager in Fire Emblem Echoes

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has a much more straightforward class promotion system, in comparison to past titles that let you choose between multiple classes. The exception to this, however, are Villagers in Echoes, who can choose to promote to one of five base classes for men; Cavalier, Soldier, Mercenary, Archer, and Mage. Women Villagers on the other hand, of which there’s only Faye, can promote to four classes; Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, Cleric, and Mage. Each villager in the game has different base stats and strengths, and you can maximize their level up bonuses by putting each into the right role.

Alm’s side of the story has four villagers you can recruit, all his friends in the beginning at Ram Village. You can recruit Gray and Tobin before you leave the village at the start of the game. Once you leave, return immediately and you’ll be able to recruit Faye and Kliff. Meanwhile, Celica can recruit the Villager Atlas, which you can see how to do here.

Each Villager does have a class that fits them best, although you have some room to choose what you want as well. Ultimately, it may help in your overall strategy to choose something else. However, here’s what works best for each character.

Gray – Gray has some serious attack growth throughout the game, as well as boosts in skill and speed. Because of this, he works best as a Mercenary. His high attack will allow him to ravage enemies later in the game, and once he gets promoted to a Dread Fighter, the class’ special abilities will make him a strong anti-magic unit. Gray can also work as a Cavalier or Soldier, however Lukas and Forsyth are already units that can become Knights with high defense and attack. Meanwhile, Cavalier Gray will be outclassed once you get Mathilda. Ultimately if you want the movement range or an extra defensive unit you could go with Soldier or Cavalier, but Gray truly shines as a Mercenary and beyond.

Tobin – Tobin’s best stat growth comes in Skill, which he incredibly excels at. He also has decent growth in Luck and Attack. Because of this he can excel as a Mage early on in Fire Emblem Echoes, boosting his critical attack rate and damage. Additionally, Tobin will learn the powerful spell Excalibur at Level 6, making him a devastating unit early on. However, if you don’t want to go the Mage route, Tobin can also function well as an archer. His immense Skill growth means he’ll be more accurate with the low hit-rate bows, and his attack will guarantee some decent damage. In terms of the other classes, there are just better options you’ll get in the game, so for Tobin you should focus on Mage or Archer.

Kliff – Kliff is one of the best Villagers in Fire Emblem Echoes in terms of being well-rounded, and he has three main classes he can do well in. Kliff has exceptional Growth in speed, which can place him as a good choice for either a Cavalier or an Archer. His Skill and Defense growths are also higher than Gray, which can make him an agile and accurate unit. He also starts off with a surprisingly high Resistance rating of 8, meaning he can hold his own against magic users no matter his class. As a Mage Kliff can learn every spell in the game, albeit a bit later than most. For example he learns Excalibur at 9, while Tobin learns it at 6 and Luthier comes equipped with it when you recruit him. If you’re willing to invest experience into Kliff as a Mage, however, he can easily be one of the strongest in the entire game.

Faye – Faye is yet another all-around unit in Fire Emblem Echoes, and has two classes that are impossible for male villagers to obtain, which also happen to be the best options for her. As a Pegasus Knight she gains moderate stat boosts all around through her levels, and the class skill Banish makes her very effective against Terrors. The downside to making Faye a Pegasus Knight, however, is that Clair outclasses her in almost every way. Still, Faye can be a good backup here. The primary class you’ll want to consider for Faye is that of a Cleric, especially since the majority of Alm’s path you’ll only have access to one healer, until promoting certain units. Her moderate stats mean she can still hold her own and gain levels, but the most useful part is that Faye learns the skill Physic. This skill can be indispensable, as it allows you to heal units from a distance.

Atlas – Atlas’ biggest stat distribution comes in the way of attack, while his Speed and Resistance can suffer. Because of this, the best choices for him are really Cavalier and Archer. As an Archer, Atlas learns Hunter’s Volley, which will automatically give him a double attack in battle. This can counteract his lacking speed stat, and he’ll also get a damage boost against flying enemies like Gargoyles. As a Cavalier, Atlas’ high attack growth is what will really benefit the class. This attack only goes up as you get more and more powerful weapons to equip him with. The move boost also helps, especially considering there are no Cavaliers in Celica’s story during Act 3.

That’s all you need to know about which classes work best for each Villager. Again, some of it comes down to personal preference, and how you want to build your army.

For more tips and guides on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, make sure to take a look at our wiki.

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