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The Hunters of Destiny 2 are Still Elegantly Mobile, As They Should Be

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The Hunters of Destiny 2 are Still Elegantly Mobile, As They Should Be

Hunters are masters of combat.

At the Destiny 2 World Gameplay Reveal event, we were able to get some hands-on time with each of Destiny’s classes – the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. For the Hunter, we were given some interesting information on its newest sub-class, the Arcstrider, and some time playing as an updated version of the Gunslinger. The returning subclass got a few adjustments that really makes the Hunter stand out quite a bit more this time around as a dealer of bullets, and it was honestly impressive.

The Arcstrider seems very similar to the Bladedancer, and for good reason. It’s an Arc class that’s all about speed and high precise damage. The damage comes in the form of a powerful spear that is made entirely of electricity. It allows a decent amount of reach, lets you pull of slick combos, and ups your mobility, letting you dance through gunfire, dodging like a madman as enemies are quickly brought down with brutal, yet beautiful force. It’s very good for groups, and its focus is on dealing high damage directly to a target. It does require proximity, so there is a bit of a risk/reward system in place, but the brave will find themselves emerging victorious over even some of the most powerful foes that Destiny 2 has to offer.

The updated Gunslinger was all about getting into wicked firefights and winning with style. Every sub-class now has a class ability that acts just like your grenade and melee ability in Destiny 2. It’s on a cooldown, and each one is suited for the class you’re playing, helping to accentuate their strengths. For the Gunslinger, that ability is the dodge roll, which allows you to completely avoid incoming damage with a stylish twirl as you dance around incoming fire and continue your onslaught against your enemies. This can be altered to recharge one of your other abilities, rewarding you for style and finesse.

The Hunter is noticeably quicker than its allies, quickly dancing around the field while firing off quick shots from a distance. It’s still a bit squishy in comparison to the other classes, but it’s not meant for close play. The distant, insta-kill throwing knife returns to help you maintain a comfortable range, and the powerful, trap-like grenade options are also on offer.

The Golden Gun received a nice little upgrade. Where in vanilla Destiny you could only fire off three shots, Destiny 2 allows for six rapid shots. You only have a short window, but you can accurately fan the trigger to completely decimate large foes or quickly wipe out groups of annoying attackers. It’s still best used in the hands of accurate players, but it’s an absolute dream when you land all the shots, especially during a match of Countdown where team elimination is key.

The Hunter still excels quite well in Crucible thanks to its focus on dealing damage and keeping out of range. It’s great for lone wolves or those who like to have a support character tag along. Just keep an eye on your health as it can’t take as much punishment as a Warlock or Titan can.

All in all, if you loved the Hunter in Destiny 1, Destiny 2 will make you an even bigger fan. It refines each of the traits that made this class a fan favorite for fast, precise Guardians, and is an absolute master in one-on-one combat.

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