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The Best Gaming Street Art to Ever Grace the Side of a Building


The Best Gaming Street Art to Ever Grace the Side of a Building

It’s all around us.


gaming, street art, overwatch

This Overwatch mural was completed by artists at Apparition Media in Sydney, Australia in Summer 2016. Every in-game character (at the time) was carefully painted, and you can check out a time-lapse of its creation on Overwatch’s official YouTube account here.


gaming, street art

This trippy, 3D Pac-Man street art was completed by artist Leon Keer in Venlo, The Netherlands. Keer is well known for his 3D forced perspective style, and decided to use his talents to recreate an 80s video game favourite.


gaming, street art

An amazing Metal Gear mural was painted in three UK cities Leeds, Liverpool, and London for the 2013 title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It was made by artist Jamie Winstanley, part of the End of the Line art group. The murals were made to “recreate and maximise the iconic artwork of Yoji Shinkawa” and feature Raiden, a cyborg-ninja character from the game. Check out a video of one of the murals being painted here and see the Leeds one for yourself on Google Maps.


gaming, street art, sonic

This awesome Sonic mural is in Cardiff, Wales by Boiler House Graffiti. In the mural, Sonic and Tails are travelling through one of the special stages from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Here’s another mural entitled After Burner by the same artist.


A massive Mortal Kombat piece of Raiden and Scorpion battling it out was made by Olivier Roubieu. Here’s a video of it going up the day it was painted back in 2011.


gaming, street art, banksy

A piece in London by world-renowned street artist Banksy shows Mario being scolded by a cop after being caught with mushrooms. It’s considered one of Banksy’s more humorous pieces, so we can only hope Mario just got off with a warning.

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