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Persona 5: Where the Ginza Line Subway Is


Persona 5: Where the Ginza Line Subway Is

Where the Ginza Subway Line Is in Persona 5

While playing through Persona 5’s story, you’ll come across a mission to head on over to school. You’ll need to navigate through the train system yourself, and this means inevitably needing to take the Ginza Line, which will lead you straight to Shujin.

While looking for it, follow any sign that appears yellow as that will make this easy. Look for the GN symbol on whatever sign, and below it, it should say Ginza Line. Following where the arrow points to will help you as well. Once you see a giant 8, you’ll know you’re heading the right way. However, you’ll find a sign blocking your way, and you’ll need to detour around to get to the Ginza Line. Head through the building right next door to where you end up exiting through called “Teikyu” (asking any attendant will lead you there as well). Then, head up the stairs using “Ginza Line Gate” as your marker to let you know you’re there. Simply follow the arrow pointing you left and through the turnstiles, and take the train once it arrives!

There you have it, you’re on your way to school! Don’t worry, you won’t have to remember all that, as going to school will become automatic, and fast travel will bypass all of that. Leave the remembering schedules and exits to real life!

For more help with Persona 5, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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