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Persona 5: How to Redeem and Use DLC Items


Persona 5: How to Redeem and Use DLC Items

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Redeeming and Using DLC Items in Persona 5

If you’ve downloaded any of the DLC available for Persona 5, install them to your console, and then boot up the game to gain access to them. At the moment, the only DLC items available for download are the Healing Item and Skill Card sets. However, do note that the Skill Card set will only be available to you after you’ve progressed far enough into the story to actually unlock them as a feature in the game.

To claim your DLC items, head back to your room in Cafe Leblanc. From here, look for the cardboard box found tucked away in the corner of the room. Examine it to receive all the items you downloaded as DLC. After that, you’re basically done. Your healing items will now be found in your inventory, which you can check by pressing triangle to open your menu, and heading over to the Item tab. These are one-use items, so once you use them up in your game, you can’t get them back without starting a fresh game. These are meant to help you out a little in the beginning chapters, so use them wisely.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Persona 5.

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