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Persona 5: How to Get the Merciless Executioner Trophy


Persona 5: How to Get the Merciless Executioner Trophy

How to Get Merciless Execution Trophy in Persona 5

There are a lot of trophies in Persona 5, 49 to be exact and they challenge the player to do a lot of things in their quest to gather power and change the world. One of the trophies is called ‘Merciless Execution,’ and requires players to fuse 50 Personas. This can be confusing to some as the fusions aren’t just called fusions in this installment. They’re called Executions.

To perform an Execution, simply head to the Velvet Room by entering one of the blue jail doors you can sometimes find in the overworld or near the entrance of Palaces and Mementos. When inside, talk to Igor and choose to create new Personas. From there, you can create them by Guillotine Executions. Pick two personas and watch as their swift deaths lead to the birth of something new and powerful. You’ll need to do this 50 times in total to get the Merciless Execution trophy. If you’re always looking for new power, this will come naturally and early. If not, make sure you’re negotiating for new Personas during battles, so you have some material to work with.

You can also outright purchase Personas as long as you can match their level. This is also done in the Velvet Room. That should help if you’re having trouble actually negotiating with them.

That’s all you need to know to get the Merciless trophy in Persona 5. For more on Persona 5, be sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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