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Persona 5: How to Get Matador with Magaru


Persona 5: How to Get Matador with Magaru

How to Get Matador with Magaru in Persona 5

Caroline and Justine are just two of the many characters you can develop and build social links with in Persona 5. In order to keep increasing your Confidant rank with them, however, you’ll need to complete their numerous requests of fusing specific Personas with specific skills. One of these is a Matador with Magaru, so let’s tell you how to get one.

For rank 3 with Caroline and Justine, you’ll need to first get yourself a Mokoi of the Death arcana with a Treasure Persona. If you’re struggling to get yourself a Treasure Persona, don’t worry, we’ve got a guide to help you with exactly that right here.

Alternatively, you could fuse together Nekomata of the Magician arcana with Obariyon and once again choose to inherit Magaru.

Once you’ve got both of these, all you need to do is fuse the two together and select Magaru as the inherited skill for the Matador. Caroline and Justine will be overjoyed you managed to fulfill their requirement and you’ll be given the Lockdown ability.

Lockdown can only be used within the Velvet Room, but allows you to leave a Persona with the twins to increase their attribute resistance.

That’s all you need to know to get a Matador with Magaru in Persona 5. For more on Persona 5, be sure to check out our wiki.

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