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Persona 5: How to Romance Futaba Sakura


Persona 5: How to Romance Futaba Sakura

How to Romance Futaba Sakura in Persona 5

Futaba Sakura is one of the many Confidants (Social Links) you’ll be able to obtain in Persona 5. She represents the Hermit Arcana and is easily one of the best Confidants in the entire game. You can meet her starting on 8/31, but to progress the relationship and strengthen the bond, you’ll need a Kindness rank of at least 4 (some tips on how to raise Kindness). You’ll also have to put in a bit of work within Mementos to max her out. Although, she’s definitely one of the best characters in the game. Also, she is a romance option for those who take a serious liking to her quirkiness.

As stated above, you’ll need Kindness Rank 4 before you can even consider romancing Futaba. After that just continue to hang out with her when she invites you and go talk to her whenever you have time. She’s usually around Cafe Leblanc (as long as it’s not raining). When you get to Rank 7 of the Hermit Confidant, you’ll unlock a request titled “Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket.” You must complete this request to advance no matter how much you decide to talk to her.

Complete it and then when it’s time to upgrade to Rank 9 you can make a decision that leads to romance. During the conversation she’ll ask you a question that provides two distinct options:

  • “Because we’re teammates.”
  • “Because I love you.”

The bottom one leads to the beginning of a romance, anything you say after that doesn’t matter. Enjoy your new love in Persona 5.

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