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Persona 5: How to Romance Dr. Tae Takemi


Persona 5: How to Romance Dr. Tae Takemi

How to Romance Tae Takemi in Persona 5

Dr. Tae Takemi is met fairly early on in Persona 5. Shortly after arriving to Yongen-Jaya you can see her talking to Sojiro at Cafe Leblanc. You find out that she has a clinic where she disperses less than legal medical advice and medicine. Heading over lets you partake in a clinical study of hers and kicks off your bond with her as a Confidant where she represents the Death Arcana (fitting). You’ll need Guts Rank 2 to continue the relationship, and then Charm Rank 4 to make it past Rank 8. If you reach both milestones you’ll be able to romance her.

After getting the Guts required to continue her trials, you can go talk to her from time to time to rank up the relationship. Once you have Charm leveled up you can trigger Rank 8, which also unlocks a personal request from Tae Takemi titled “Bad Medicine.” You have to complete this quest if you want things to go any further with the eccentric doctor. Complete the quest and then talk to her again to actually reach Rank 8. Now it’s time to keep getting closer.

When it’s time to hit Rank 9 there are three questions she asks you that require you to choose the romantic option in order to seal the deal. If you opt for friendship on any of them, you and the doctor will never know romance.

Set 1

  • “I wanted to see you.” (romance)
  • “It was for my exams. ” (friendship)

Set 2 

  • “I love you.” (romance)
  • “What do you think?” (friendship)

Set 3

  • “It isn’t a joke.” (romance)
  • “That sounds good.” (friendship)

Remember, you must choose all of the romance options if you want to get with Tae Takemi in Persona 5.

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