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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Death Confidant (Tae Takemi)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Death Confidant (Tae Takemi)

Bad doctor.

Getting the Death Confidant (Tae Takemi) in Persona 5

Tae is a doctor that runs a clinic in a back alley near Cafe Leblanc. She sells you medicine off the books, but is willing to increase her inventory and lower her prices if you submit to some clinical trials. She’s also a romance option in Persona 5. You’ll need at least a rank 2 in Guts to get her Confidant contract past the first level, so keep that in mind.

Rank 1: 4/18, Unlocks Rejuvenation

Just head to her clinic and partake in her trial to kick things off.

Rank 2: Requires Guts Rank 2

Answer 1 – “I have a bad heart.”

Answer 2 – “I agree.”

Rank 3: Unlocks Sterilization

Answer 3 – “I don’t mind” or “I need the medicine.”

Rank 4:

Answer 1 – “Dr. Takemi will help.”

Answer 2 – “You seem happy.”

Rank 5: Unlocks Immunization

Answer 3 – “That’s good.”

Rank 6:

Answer 3 – “It suits you.”

Rank 7: Unlocks Discount

Answer 3 – “Just rest for today” or “Anything I can do?”

Answer 4 – “We all do sometimes.”

Rank 8: Requires Charm Rank 4, Unlocks “Bad Medicine” request

Answer 2 – “I’m your ally.”

After a few more exchanges the “Bad Medicine” request will be available. complete it to get another set of interactions to achieve Rank 8.

Answer 2 – “Let’s get to work, doctor” or “It’s not over yet.”

Answer 3 – “It’s for Miwa-chan” or “It’s for you.”

Rank 9: Romance Opportunity, Unlocks Inokashira Park

Answer 1 – “It was rough.”

Answer 3 for Friendship – “It was for my exams.”

Answer 3 for Romance – “I wanted to see you.”

Answer 4 – “I love you” (to keep it as romance), “What do you think?” (to revert to friendship)

Answer 5 – “It isn’t a joke” (to seal the romance), “That sounds good” (to solidify friendship).

Rank 10: Unlocks Resuscitation and the Alice Persona for fusion.

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