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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Hierophant Confidant (Sojiro Sakura)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Hierophant Confidant (Sojiro Sakura)

Getting and Maxing Out the Hierophant Confidant in Persona 5

When you first start out in Persona 5, the main protagonist has found himself on probation after helping a woman who was being harassed by some man. Since you end up expelled from your school due to your criminal record and your parents want to hopefully give you a clean slate, you’re sent off to live with someone else. That someone else is Sojiro Sakura, owner of Cafe Leblanc, and the Hierophant Confidant that you can get in Persona 5.

While he seems to be a bit of a jerk at first, he warms up to you and even starts helping you. He can teach you how to make coffee and curry, both of which help restore your party’s SP (which is very helpful). Below We’ll list each rank as well as their requirements and any special answers that may help you strengthen your bond with the Hierophant Confidant.

Rank 1: 4/24

Just talk to him at Cafe Leblanc to start forming a bond with your temporary guardian. He’s actually pretty cool.

Rank 2: Unlocks Coffee Basics

Answer 1 – “Making Coffee.”

Answer 2 – “That guy seemed suspicious.”

Answer 3 – “I want the ladies to love me.”

Rank 3: This rank becomes available after you brew some coffee with him as it triggers a conversation with Sojiro.

Answer 1 – “Medium-fine.”

Answer 2 – “Is it trouble?”

Rank 4: Unlocks Leblanc Curry

Answer 1 – “Tell me more.”

Answer 2 – “Call Sojiro’s phone.”

Rank 5: 8/23

Answer 1 – “I think I’m addicted!”

Answer 2 – “She wasn’t normal, huh?”

Answer 3 – “It really paid off in the end. “

Rank 6: Unlocks Coffee Mastery

Answer 1 – “To each his own.”

Answer 2 – “Shut your mouth.”

Answer 3 – “Saving Futaba was no mistake.”

Rank 7: Requires Kindness Rank 5

Answer 1 – “You might be right.”

Answer 2 – doesn’t matter

Answer 3 – doesn’t matter

Rank 8: Unlocks a Request that must be completed to unlock following Rank.

Answer 1 – “Something with curry.”

Answer 2 – “I was just protecting Futaba.”

Rank 9: Must have completed “The Money-Grubbing Uncle” request

Dialogue 1 – “It’s great.”

Dialogue 2 – “You have a great daughter.” or “Congrats.”

Rank 10: Unlocks Curry Master, Ultimate Hierophant Persona, and Kanda Church if you’ve yet to visit there.

For more on Persona 5, including how to obtain all of the other Confidants, be sure to check out our wiki.

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