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Persona 5: How to Baton Pass


Persona 5: How to Baton Pass

How to Baton Pass in Persona 5

If you’re struggling to take down some of Persona 5’s tougher enemies, you may want to make use of the Baton Pass ability. This is an ability that you’ll have to unlock for each character, but allows you to chain increasingly powerful attacks together to destroy your enemies.

In order to perform a Baton Pass in Persona 5, you’ll first have to unlock the ability for each character in your party. This will normally come around rank one or two for each confidant, so you’ll be able to use this relatively early on in the game.

With Baton Pass unlocked, you’ll now simply have to attack an enemy in battle and knock them down. When they’re knocked down you’ll earn a “1 More” and then be able to utilize that character’s Baton Pass ability to pass the ‘one more’ onto another character who can deliver an even stronger attack. This can be effective if used just once, and devastating to your enemies if you perform three successive Baton Passes. The more passes you make, the more powerful each attack becomes. With that in mind, you’ll want to unlock this ability as soon as you can for each character to allow you to dispose of large swarms of enemies quickly and easily.

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