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Outlast 2: How to Find and Power Up the Generator


Outlast 2: How to Find and Power Up the Generator

How to Find and Power Up the Generator in Outlast 2

After making your way through a church that serves as a prison and navigating a terrifying cornfield in Outlast 2, you’ll stumble across an elevator that you need to access in order to reach the chapel and hopefully find your wife. Unfortunately, there is no power going to the chapel and you’ll need to navigate a small village that houses a few hostile enemies in order to locate and power up a generator. The entrance to the small village is to the right of the elevator in question. It’s full of houses that can be explored, but those serve mostly as a distraction aside from a note and one battery.

Where you really want to head to is the barn on top of the hill at the end of the passage and to your left. Sticking to the left and staying in the shadows, make your way up the passage and through the house at your side to get past the praying woman. She’s standing in the center of the passage and grabbing her attention will lead to several armed men appearing. When you get past the house, directly to the left of her you’ll come across a path leading to a hill, and a house will be directly in front of you. Ignore the house and take the path up. Do not use the doorway to enter the house up here as there’s a woman praying that can be alerted. Instead, make your way behind into a garage/barn-like area with steps at the back. Take the steps all the way up and you’ll find the generator room. Pull the cord three times and the power will turn on. Now all you have to do is make your way back to the elevator, getting around the axe lady from the beginning of the game yet again.

On your way back down the steps, you’ll see a praying woman with a knife. You can go ahead and ignore her. Walking by her will not cause her to attack. You can also ignore all of the houses as they’ll be locked up. And as noted before, when you reach the central passage, Outlast 2’s infamous axe lady will appear. Just let her get close, then hop over one of the fences and make a mad dash for the elevator. Slam on the lever immediately and the gate will close before she can grab you.

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