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Outlast 2: How to Change the Camera Battery


Outlast 2: How to Change the Camera Battery

How to Change Your Camera’s Battery in Outlast 2

The most important tool available to you in Outlast 2 – other than your very own wits – is your camera. It’s used to gather information, document the horrors you’ll encounter, scout out areas, and shine a light in the darkness so you don’t have to run into a face eating psychopath. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have an unlimited battery, so you’ll have to swap it out after extended use. Thankfully, that’s an easy task.

You can see a bar representing your camera’s battery in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when in use. It will turn red once it starts getting low, and when it’s about to be depleted you’ll receive a prompt to press Triangle, Y, or R to change the battery (as long as you have one). You can technically change it prior to receiving the prompt, though we advise against that. Once you change a battery out it’s lost forever, taking all of the juice it had right along with it. With many sections of Outlast 2 being incredibly dark, you’ll want to preserve as much power as possible.

The only time you may want to change it early is if you know you’re about to enter a serious chase. Changing your battery stops your movement for a few seconds, so you definitely don’t want to be caught fiddling with your camera in Outlast 2.

For help with anything else in Outlast 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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