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Outlast 2: How to Escape the Temple Town


Outlast 2: How to Escape the Temple Town

How to Escape the Temple Town in Outlast 2

After powering on the generator in Outlast 2, Blake is still trying to make his way to the chapel when he discovers a weird little town and finds himself in yet another of those odd school flashbacks. Those who played the demo may remember this section where you see a young Jessica hanging in the school hallway before some large, demonic tongue and several ghastly hands snatch her up through the ceiling. After this image, you’ll run through a nearby door only to find yourself being chased by one of the mad zealots inhabiting the temple area. The chase is on and you need to get out of there quickly.

The madman will throw you down the stairs before slowly pursuing you, which just makes things even tenser. Follow the path within the house, jumping over any obstacles that may appear in your way. Run through the double doors and then immediately turn around and lock them. This won’t stop the enemy completely but will buy you an extra few seconds to create some distance. Look for a hole in the ground that you can crawl into and follow the path all the way to the end where you can exit a hole near the bottom of the front of the house. Now the entire town will be onto you. Run straight into the house ahead of you (remembering to shut the door behind you). Continue down until some wood collapses behind you and you’ll find yourself in a new area with a bunch of bunk beds.

Immediately run forward and hide under one of the beds in front of you and to your right. An enemy will barge into the room, breaking down the door. He’ll walk slowly, but he’ll ignore the beds and head to the area you just came from for a second. When he turns the corner near the end of the room, head out into a dining area then stand behind the railing to the stairs leading to the basement. Another one of Outlast 2’s enemies will come up the stairs. When he does, hop over the railing to head to where he came from and go through the door to your right. Lock the door behind you, you’ll need the few seconds, then head to the bookcase in the back corner and push it towards the wall (if you’re facing it you’ll want to move it to the right). There’s a passage behind it that you need to get through in order to escape the area. Follow it through and you’ll move into a new area.

You’ll find a woman chained up, covered in all sorts of bodily waste. She won’t move although she doesn’t appear to be dead. Make your way past her into another passage where you’ll come across a thin ledge with a spiked pit. Cross it, then continue through to find one of the tensest chases so far. You’ll have to run, a lot, to get out of here. Head upstairs, jump off the balcony (don’t worry, you won’t die), make a left and hop the small fence. Run straight where you’ll see a lone enemy guarding some stairs. Ignore him, and immediately duck into the hole to the right of him and crawl through. When you come out, jump up into the window ahead of you then proceed to press Square/X to stomp on the floor to locate another passage to crawl through. After a bit more running, you’ll come to a seemingly dead end. Look down for a window you can crawl into and you’ll have finally completed this Outlast 2 chase.

That’s all you need to know to escape the temple town in Outlast 2. Be sure to check out our wiki for more on the game.

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