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Outlast 2: How to Attack and Fight Back


Outlast 2: How to Attack and Fight Back

How to Attack and Fight Back in Outlast 2

While playing Outlast 2 you will be chased, frightened, trapped, attacked, and chased some more. All of it can become quite tense, making for some nerve-wracking gameplay, especially when you find yourself in an area with more than one enemy. If you’re like me, you’ll undoubtedly want to seek out a way to attack your aggressors and fight back. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to do this in the game.

The core of Outlast 2, like that of its predecessor, is that you are a defenseless cameraman. You can witness and observe from the shadows, but as far as going gung-ho and saving the day goes, you’re not going to do much other than getting yourself brutally murdered. There is no attack button, there are no weapons, and you can’t set traps. However, you do have a few defensive maneuvers that aren’t actual attacks but can help you break out of a hold if you’re fast enough.

Sometimes a prompt will pop up when you’re grabbed by unarmed enemies that will ask you to either rapidly tap a button or waggle the right thumbstick. Doing so will break the hold, giving you a chance to run. It’s somewhat random, though, and not completely reliable, but it’s something. Other than that, you’re out of luck when threatened, and have no recourse against armed enemies in Outlast 2.

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