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5 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn from Persona 5


5 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn from Persona 5

Imparting a word to the wise.

Having the Courage to Stand Up for Yourself

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Be warned that this article contains major spoilers for the story of Persona 5.

The first main chapter in Persona 5 hits hard with a dark story about the students of Shujin Academy unable to escape a cycle of abuse from an adult. The story starts off simple enough, but it quickly escalates to the point where some of the students actually start to break down from both the physical and mental abuse. The most frightening part about this whole thing is that no one wants to speak out against the teacher that’s perpetuating all of this. The story hits a climax when one of the students tries to kill herself.

The most important takeaway from this story is that we should always have the courage to stand up and to speak out for ourselves, no matter what the situation is. Regardless of what the consequences may be, it’s never okay to simply suffer in silence when you know that someone’s doing something wrong or unjust against you.

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