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Top 7 Best Indie Games of Q1 2017


Top 7 Best Indie Games of Q1 2017

The best the indie scene of 2017 has to offer.

Night in the Woods

Best Indie Games of Q1 2017

night in the woods 2

Night in the Woods isn’t like most other games out there right now. You’re not really set any proper objectives. You’re not constantly in the heart of the action, and you’re never in a hurry to do anything either. That’s because players assume the role of college dropout Mae Borowski as she hangs out with friends, goes to band practice, eats pizza, and just plays around.

While this may not sound like the perfect recipe for a game, Night in the Woods is a stellar example of the creativity often seen in indie games. Despite its cutesy characters, Night in the Woods tackles some hard-hitting subjects like mental health, relationships, and responsibilities. Even when dealing with these, though, Night in the Woods never loses sight of its goofy charm and humor, resulting in powerful, memorable moments.

If you’re open to experiencing some of the slower-paced, story-driven experiences that indie games offer, Night in the Woods is most definitely something you should check out.

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