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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Solve Kaam Yatak Shrine Puzzle


Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Solve Kaam Yatak Shrine Puzzle

Kaam Yatak Shrine – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is packed full of places to explore and secrets to find, including 120 Trial Shrines to solve. Each shrine rewards you with a Spirit Orb that you can put towards Health and Stamina upgrades. The Kaam Yatak Shrine is one of these and can be found in Central Hyrule just to the North of where Link initially wakes up in Breath of the Wild.

The Kaam Yatak Shrine can be one of the more confusing ones in Breath of the Wild, and features multiple puzzles that require the use of magnesis. Here’s how to solve every puzzle in Kaam Yatak.

When you first walk into Kaam Yatak Shrine you’ll see a giant stone ball hanging from another ball suspended in a cage. The solution to this one is easy, as all you need to do is use magnesis on the ball in the cage and pull it up to the top. Releasing it will cause the stone ball to smash into the doors and open them.

The next room of Kaam Yatak has a straight path with two lanes running sideways that have spiked balls rolling down them. The first lane only has one spiked ball, so simply wait for it to pass and run across. The second, however, has a series of balls continuously rolling. For this part, you can use either stasis or magnesis. Use stasis on one of the balls on an end, and it’ll block the others letting you pass. Magnesis will have the same effect but you’ll need to hold it in place. Be careful as you head forward, as around the left corner you’ll encounter two small guardians with swords. Take them out and you’ll spot a lantern hanging in front of a wooden shelf holding another stone ball. Shoot an arrow through the lantern or use a fire arrow to ignite the platform and leaves, and the ball will roll down and knock open the door. Make sure you grab the chest in this area of Kaam Yatak before you leave as it contains a powerful weapon.

Head through and continue following the path around and up some stairs. Be careful, as you’ll round another corner to see a door protected by two more Guardians. Take them out and head past the door, and down the stairs in front of you. Stop immediately as you round the corner, and you’ll see a stone seesaw-like device. Use stasis on it and cross over. You’ll see a device up on a ledge, so head up the stairs and use it.

This is a puzzle that you’ll need to use motion controls to control a stone hammer in Kaam Yatak. You need to use the hammer to hit the ball up the platform, so it finally falls down a hole and breaks open the door. You’ll probably need to hit it three times as there are boxes you’ll need to break in its way, but this part isn’t too complicated. Now head through the door and follow the path until you hit another seesaw device, a switch, and a stone ball.

The timing on this puzzle in Kaam Yatak can be tricky, but first things first use the lantern to burn the platform and release the ball. Don’t worry, as the ball will continuously fall into the pit and respawn. You’ll notice if you step on the switch that it raises a platform in front of the ball into a slope. What you need to do is hit the seesaw with stasis and then step on the switch just as the ball hits that section. This should jump the ball onto the seesaw and into the door, opening it up. It may take a few attempts, but just keep at it and you’ll get the timing right.

Head through the next door in Kaam Yatak and you’ll immediately see another switch, and what looks like a battering ram. Step on the switch to open the grate ahead of you, then use stasis on the ram. While the ram is in stasis hit it with a weapon as many times as you can, and you’ll see an arrow appear on it. Once the ram is out of stasis, it will be propelled into the door ahead and smash it open. Head into the final room of Kaam Yatak and step in front of the switch.

Hitting this switch will activate a platform that boosts Link up into the air. Use your paraglider and before you land on the platform with the monk of the Kaam Yatak Shrine, glide below it and around the backside to grab a chest. Head back to the switch and use it again, this time landing in front of the monk. It may have taken a while, but now you’ve completed Kaam Yatak Shrine and netted yourself another Spirit Orb.

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