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How to Beat Zelda Breath of the Wild Fast


How to Beat Zelda Breath of the Wild Fast

How to Beat the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fast

It’s actually possible to beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the new, critically acclaimed launch title for the Nintendo Switch, much more quickly than you probably think. Of course, it requires a serious amount of skill and a heck of a lot of courage. The game is set up to be open, allowing players to go on the adventure they want, even if that means a rather short adventure that consists of making a beeline towards the game’s final boss, Calamity Ganon.

To do this, you first need to beat the first four Shrines in the game in order to obtain the Paraglider. This will allow you to head down to the true main area of the game, Hyrule. Once there, you’ll want to locate Hyrule Castle, which is impossible to miss. It’s the large, stone castle with a glowing pink and black, dragon-like entity flying around it. While your brain is definitely going to scream at you telling you to go anywhere but there, that’s where you’ll want to head.

Make your way through the enemies, and what is essentially the game’s final dungeon, to face Scourge of Hyrule Castle, Calamity Ganon.


From here, there will be spoilers as to Ganon’s form and techniques during his boss fight.

It’s Ganon who has fused with the ancient machines and guardians to become a large, mechanical monstrosity. Seeing as how you ran up to him without adventuring, you won’t have any allies, nor will you have the remaining ancient weapons which would normally cleave half of his health before the fight even begins. You’ll also have to deal with his large, flaming attacks that take up large portions of the battlefield and do several Hearts of damage. He will change forms several times, with his final form completely engulfing him in flames and rage. However, if you manage to triumph over him somehow with your few hearts and lack of meaningful weaponry, you’re treated to… his true form: Hatred and Malice Incarnate, Dark Beast Ganon.

This form is a very large, behemoth-like beast. For this fight, Zelda will provide you with the Bow of Light. Surprisingly, this part of the fight is much easier, as you face him on horseback with Zelda’s power holding back his malice. As long as you can avoid the blasts from his mouth, you’ll be fine. Simply ride around, waiting for huge glowing circles to appear on his body, then shoot them. After the final shot, the battle against darkness is over. You beat Breath of the Wild.

And that’s how to find the final boss and beat Breath of the Wild as fast as possible. For more on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, check out our wiki.


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