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Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Fireblight Ganon


Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Fireblight Ganon

Bombs are his weakness.

Fireblight Ganon – Zelda Breath of the Wild

Fireblight Ganon is one of the four Divine Beast bosses you’ll have to beat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can access this fight by completing the Rudania dungeon, located in the northeast corner of the map, near Zora’s Domain. Before going into the fight, you’ll want to have at least one Fireproof Elixir.

The first phase of the fight is relatively straightforward. Fireblight Ganon will be armed with a sword, and he’ll try to hit you with it. I found that it was pretty easy to dodge his swipes by sticking close to his body and hitting him from there, as his attacks tend to overreach you. Equip your best weapon, stay close, and keep hitting him until he’s down to half health.

At this point, Fireblight Ganon will start teleporting around the arena. He has a pretty dangerous move where he’ll start charging up a blast attack. When he pauses in place and starts sucking all surrounding items into his body, use your Bomb rune power and drop an explosive on the ground. Fireblight Ganon will suck it up as well, and you can detonate it once that happens. This will cause him to get stunned and fall to the ground, leaving him open for a lot of easy attacks. During this phase, Fireblight Ganon will also shoot fireballs at you, and these can be avoided by hiding behind the pillars.

Once he’s down to just a quarter of his health, Fireblight Ganon will start shooting lasers at you, not unlike the ones we saw from the Guardians. You can avoid this by hiding behind the pillars, and simply wait for him to touch the ground again before attacking him with melee weapons. You can shoot him with arrows too, but waiting for him to come into melee range is also a viable strategy. The most important thing is to keep your Fireproof up at all times to prevent Link from taking damage overtime.

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