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3 Things NieR: Automata Did So, So Well


3 Things NieR: Automata Did So, So Well

Things to take note of.

Music and Sound Design

NieR: Automata _20170223100516

You can’t talk about NieR: Automata without at least talking about the game’s soundtrack. Most people already know the music in this game is phenomenal, but where it truly excels in its sound mixing and design. Upon completing a side mission, the overworld track fades out slowly, gradually making way for a new theme that is more fitting for the mood of the story you’ve just heard.

Speaking of the overworld theme, it’s another track that starts off with just strings, but as you progress through the story, the music itself starts to ‘evolve’ and you’ll hear more instruments coming into play, giving you the full weight of the song. NieR: Automata is full of nice touches with its sound design, and the game never ceases to charm when vocal tracks fade seamlessly into the background music as you talk to NPCs.

Any video game can have a good soundtrack, but NieR: Automata really ups the ante by treating us to small and varied doses of its music to fit the tone of the story it tells.

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