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Mass Effect Andromeda: Where to Get Vanadium


Mass Effect Andromeda: Where to Get Vanadium

Handy for crafting.

Vanadium in Mass Effect Andromeda

Vanadium is one of the rare resources you can obtain in Mass Effect Andromeda. Unfortunately, because it’s such a rare material, locating it in the game can be a little tricky. So far, the only place to obtain Vanadium is Eos, which is the first proper planet you’ll visit in the game. To mine it, you can either walk around the planetary surface to search for ore deposits, or drive around in the Nomad and deploy mining drones whenever you get a prompt.

While it’s definitely easier and faster to use the Nomad to mine, the chances of picking up any elements outside of the four primary ones listed on your mining computer are fairly slim. With that in mind, you’ll probably have better luck by manually interacting with the ore deposits around the planet instead. Aside from searching Eos for the resource, some merchants will sell them too. Simply look for stores and vendors whenever you’re in an outpost or safe zone, and check their stock to see if they’re selling any Vanadium at the time. You also have the chance to acquire some of this resource as a reward from Strike Missions. Vanadium can be used to craft weapons like the N7 Crusader and M-23 Katana.

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