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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Unlock the Unknown Tech Skill


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Unlock the Unknown Tech Skill

How to Unlock the Unknown Tech Skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda

While deciding on what skills to use in Mass Effect: Andromeda you may have noticed that one of the trees isn’t exactly complete. When you start the game you can see a description of every skill available to you, except for one. There’s one under the Tech tree, between Flamethrower and Invasion, that just isn’t viewable and locked as “unknown.” Naturally, that will pique the interest of those trying to build the best possible Ryder they can.

Unlike the other skills in the game, this one isn’t unlocked by opening up other skills. Instead, you must actually complete a quest line. Or part of one, anyway. After recruiting Peebee on Eos, she will have a quest under the Allies and Relationships folder in your journal called Secret Project. It involves collecting “Rem-tech” which is how she refers to Remnant technology. You’ll obtain this quest from your e-mail initially, so make sure to always check it from time to time. Once you have the quest, you’ll be tasked with obtaining technology from Voeld and Eos, both will be marked on your map and aren’t difficult to obtain. When you get what she needs, she’ll ask you to meet her at her apartment on Nexus. So so and she’ll have a surprise.

It turns out that part of her secret project involved hacking and reprogramming a Remnant Observer that you can now use out on the field. The unknown skilled is called Remnant VI, and equipping it allows you to summon this Observer to fight alongside you and your party. You can upgrade it to deal more damage, heal faster, and even fire powerful missiles.

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