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Mass Effect Andromeda: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Mass Effect Andromeda: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Pick a Profile That Suits You Early On

Profiles are important in Mass Effect: Andromeda because they provide specific perks tailored to playstyles. They revolve around the skills you choose and can be changed later on. However, before you gain access to Profiles or enough skill points to really change them, you’ll be stuck with only one so make this choice count. Your options are:

Soldier – This is combat focused, so good for those who rely on guns and explosives.

Engineer – Tech focused, this profile supports Tech power recharging, using constructs (such as turrets) and keeping enemy systems weak.

Adept – If you love Biotics then this is the profile for you. Helps with evading and traversal as well as combos and support.

Sentinel – This is a hybrid profile focusing on Tech and Biotics so it will greatly help with recharges while also upping your armor and shields.

Vanguard – Combining Combat and Biotics, Vanguards are all about powerful melee damage and survivability. If you like to hang back, though, this isn’t for you.

Infiltrator – This one uses Combat and Tech and helps with stealth. Increased accuracy and stability help those who like to stay out of danger and you even get a cloak while evading.

Explorer – A combination of all three trees, this is for those all round players who like to mix it up. Helping with damage, defense, and recharge rates is very useful, and you gain the ability to pass through walls.

Choosing the right one will help out a lot early on. But don’t worry, eventually, you’ll be able to use them all at your leisure.

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