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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Cora


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Romance Cora

How to Romance Cora in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Cora Harper was Alec Ryder’s (your father) right-hand soldier. She looked at him as a mentor and was next in line to be Pathfinder if anything happened to him. Unfortunately, after the events at the beginning of Mass Effect: Andromeda, your father chooses you instead, leaving her feeling hurt and confused. At first, it seems as if she hates you and will be a problem, but you can actually help her with her problems and form a romance out of it. We should note, though, that while you can help her as any gender, you can only romance Cora as male Ryder. Sorry, ladies.

In order to romance Cora, you’re going to want to talk to her every chance you get. She’ll start sharing how she’s upset but respects you, and eventually, she’ll open up about her life and her insecurities due to issues in her past. Flirting options will eventually open up, although they’ll be a bit mild. Always choose the top left option in conversations when a flirt option isn’t available so you can come across as caring and understanding. Keep this up and complete her loyalty mission, which involves rescuing the Asari Ark, and you’ll be able to have a private conversation with her again. During this conversation, you will have an impulse action available (a QTE that requires you to press R2/RT before a timer runs out) that lets you hug her. She’ll really appreciate that and share how she has you on her mind.

Continue playing and chatting her up and Cora will send an email to meet her on Eos. If you haven’t been with anyone else (except for Peebee) you’ll be able to romance her and build a relationship, and love will bloom in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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