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Mass Effect Andromeda: Is There Gay / Lesbian Romance?


Mass Effect Andromeda: Is There Gay / Lesbian Romance?

Is there gay / lesbian romance in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect: Andromeda introduces players to a lot of interesting NPCs throughout the main story. And, since this is a BioWare game after all, you can actually develop full relationships and partake in some intimate moments with a few of them.

When you start the game you choose between being a male or female version of Ryder, Andromeda’s protagonist. As you recruit characters to your crew you can begin forming a relationship with them (See here for how to successfully romance characters). There are ten characters that are possible love interests, and since you can be either male or female yourself, you can choose to partake in same-sex romance. Here is the list of same-sex relationships you can develop in Mass Effect: Andromeda:

Female Ryder

  • Suvi – Human female in your crew.
  • Vetra – Turian female in your crew.
  • Peebee – Asari female in your crew.
  • Keri – Asari female that interviews you as part of the Path of a Hero Task.

Male Ryder

  • Gil – Human male in your crew.
  • Reyes – Human male you meet on Kadara.

That’s every gay / lesbian romance you can develop in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the full list of possible romances check out our Love Interests Guide.

For more on Mass Effect: Andromeda – such as guides, tips, tricks, and information, and fun features – be sure to check out our constantly expanding wiki.

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