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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Mine With the Nomad


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Mine With the Nomad

Time to bleed the planets dry!

Mining With the Nomad in Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda allows you to explore a variety of planets and mine resources from its surfaces. Elements and minerals are helpful for advancing your research and development, allowing you to craft better equipment and upgrades, so it’s definitely worth mining whenever you can.

While Ryder can manually pick up resources and elements from mineral deposits scattered around the planet, the process is a lot more efficient if you do it from the Nomad instead. While driving around in the Nomad, hit right on the d-pad to bring up the mining screen in the top left corner. Whenever you’re in an area rich with resources, the screen will light up, indicating which materials and elements you can mine from that specific location. You can then tap the RB button (or R1 if you’re on PS4) to deploy a mining drone. The drone will collect resources for you automatically, and send them to the Tempest. You can deploy as many drones as you want, as long as they’re not too close to each other.

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