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Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs: How to Find Them All


Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs: How to Find Them All

How to Find all Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs

Mass Effect Andromeda has finally landed, and as you embark on your new adventure through a fresh piece of the universe, you should keep your eyes peeled for some of the easter eggs BioWare snuck into the game. Here, we’ll keep track of all the easter eggs found so far, and we’ll update this page as more are discovered.

Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg: This can be found in the crew quarters of the Tempest. Look for the bunk in the wall, and you’ll see a plant and zombie doll sitting side by side on the sheets.

Mass Effect Easter Egg: Above your bed in your own quarters, you’ll see an SSV Normandy SR-2 replica above your bed. This is the ship used by Shepard in ME2 and ME3.

SpaceX Easter Egg: Also in your cabin, in a shelf below a TV monitor, you’ll find a SpaceX model. Interact with it to unlock a codex about the company’s hand in mankind’s space adventure.


Stay tuned for more Mass Effect Andromeda secrets. We’ll keep adding to this guide as they arise. Feel free to let us know of any you’ve come across so far below! For more on Mass Effect Andromeda, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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