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Mass Effect Andromeda: Can You Save Kirkland at the Beginning?


Mass Effect Andromeda: Can You Save Kirkland at the Beginning?

Can You Save Kirkland at the Beginning of Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t start in the most peaceful way. You and your team find Habitat 7 to be less of the golden world than you expected, and before long, you’re crash landing onto its surface. It’s here, on its gravity-troubled surface, that you’ll find yourself faced with one crucial question: can you save Kirkland?

A member of your team, he crash lands away from you, and finds himself at the gunpoints of multiple enemies. As Ryder, you walk in right as things get tense, and unfortunately, no matter how fast you react to the situation, you cannot save Kirkland. Even if you begin shooting the bad guys immediately, they will shoot Kirkland before you finish them off.

On the bright side, you still have some team members alive. After you mourn Kirkland’s death, you’ll be off to unite them and get back to safety. Maybe even take out some alien trashbags on the way there, too.

So to wrap things up, you cannot save Kirkland, Ryder moves on, and one day, you will too.

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