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Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Armor for All Playstyles


Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Armor for All Playstyles

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The Best Armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Just like weapons are important for dishing out damage to the evil Kett and other ne’er-do-wells in the Heleus Cluster, solid armor is needed to survive the threats you’ll face while playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. There are a surprising amount of options, and with the four slots (Helmet, Arms, Chest, and Legs), you can mix and match to try and get the perks best suited for your playstyle.

Across the various technologies you’ll notice the same perks pop up such as Power Duration, Max Shields increase, Damage increases, and more. However, some sets offer higher versions of those perks than others. We’ll cover the best for all types of users (Combat, Biotics, and Tech) so you can see which sets you should look out for.

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