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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Best Weapons of Every Type


Mass Effect Andromeda: The Best Weapons of Every Type


The Best Weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Normally melee is left out on the curb for games that give you powerful, high-tech firearms and what are essentially scientific super powers. With several of those powers being centered around physical attacks in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you wouldn’t expect to find a melee weapon just as badass. But it turns out that a couple of the best weapons (and coolest) are those that require you to get up close and personal.

Now there aren’t a ton of different melee weapons, but there are three that really stand out and prove to be quite useful in Andromeda.

Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet – You can find this weapon near Remnant Monoliths and inside of containers, or you can research it starting at 150 Remnant RD. It doesn’t have a very long attack range since there isn’t much of a lunge when initiating an attack, but it can freeze enemies in a single hit as long as they aren’t armored or shielded. If they are armored, it will slow them down (even larger enemies), and you quickly take out an enemy’s shield, then freeze them if you please. Cryo seems to be one of the more useful status effects in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so being able to trigger it at the touch of a single button makes this one of the best weapons in the game.

Kett Carfalon – What helps this particular sword stand out is its sweeping attack. The other melee weapons attack directly in front of you, making it surprisingly easy to miss, especially when standing really close to an enemy. With the Vakarsh’s higher base attack and wide motion, you can easily hit multiple enemies in a single swing and ensure that you rarely miss your mark.

Asari Sword – Not many things look cooler than a warp strike, just ask Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis. The Asari Sword triggers a quick, biotic teleport in a straight line towards your enemy before dealing a devastating strike. It’s great for closing distances between foes that have high rates of fire or are hiding behind cover, allowing you to avoid damage and take them out quickly. It’s not the best option to use while right next to someone though, but this is a perfect tool for mid-range fighters who prefer firearms but aren’t afraid to get in close for the kill if necessary.

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