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Mass Effect Andromeda: All Male Hairstyles


Mass Effect Andromeda: All Male Hairstyles

All Male Hairstyles in Mass Effect Andromeda

Hairstyles can stick out like a sore thumb, especially if you choose the wrong one for your character in Mass Effect Andromeda. The female Ryder has some solid options. Her brother, male Ryder, also has some worthwhile options that really help to make this budding hero look presentable out in the dangerous planets he’ll be exploring.

Like on the female side of things, you have 12 options to choose from, with the longer variations having a bit of physics to them, so you can see your manly locks flow in the wind, or, at the very least, wiggle as you move about.

On top of these 12 options, the male Ryder has a few exclusive options in the form of facial hair.

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