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Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Cheats?


Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Cheats?

Cheats – Horizon Zero Dawn

Remember the days when all video games had cheats? Now only select few have them, with most things that used to be hidden by complex codes now either unlockable through gameplay or by spending your hard-earned cash on DLC. Still, coming across a game with cheats brings all the nostalgia of previous generations back, like when you jump into GTA V and are able to spawn vehicles and weapons. Horizon Zero Dawn is the newest game on the scene, and it’s sort of a big deal. There’s a lot of stuff to do in the game, but does it have any secret cheats?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, there are no cheats in the game. Like many modern games, it forgoes hidden passwords and complex button combinations to make some hidden effect change your game. There aren’t even any unlockable cheats like in Uncharted 4. The closest thing you have to unlocking anything extreme is a powerful suit of armor that renders you invincible for a period of time and regains its ability after a short charge (which only requires you avoiding damage for a few seconds). You can see how to unlock that here.

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