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Destiny 2 Wallpapers to Pretend to Hold You Over Until September


Destiny 2 Wallpapers to Pretend to Hold You Over Until September

All up on those walls.

Surprise, surprise, Destiny 2 is a thing and has been announced to the masses! While we won’t get to play the game ourselves for another six months and won’t get to see footage until May, the excitement for Bungie’s shared world shooter is certainly high. To tide you over, or at least pretend to, here’s some screenshots that you can use for a wallpaper to plaster on your phone or computer. You can look at it and think of what will soon be yours.

Destiny 2 will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 8. Go ahead and save these pics, that’s why they’re here.

Here’s Zavala, leader of the Vanguards.

Destiny 2

Cayde-6 being Cayde and trying to rally the troops. (Trying being the key word there.)

Destiny 2

Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard with a big as heck shotgun.


That’s a face only a Hand Cannon could love.


A Cabal, the main antagonists of Destiny 2.


Three Vanguards and a bunch of Cabal? Not a problem for these veterans.


The powerful Titan, standing heroically.


A stealthy Hunter, readying for the hunt.

hunter 2


Hello, Mr. Warlock…and you’ve got a beard!


The heroic (and sometimes faceless) trio of a Warlock, Titan, and Hunter in Destiny 2. Perfect wallpaper material.


Our final wallpaper: the Last City in ruins. You can stop the Red Legion, right? No pressure.


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