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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Ring of Steel Protection +3


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Ring of Steel Protection +3

Where to Get the Ring of Steel Protection +3 in Dark Souls III The Ringed City

Like many items in Dark Souls III, there are upgraded versions of previously existing items from the original title in The Ringed City. One of these is the Ring of Steel Protection +3, which gives the wearer increased physical damage absorption from enemies. However, obtaining this item is going to be incredibly tricky as the monster guardian has the ability to kill players within a matter of seconds.

To start, after you make the great fall into the broken cathedral, head down and then out the exit on your left. You may need to slay a few of the mages hanging about, but if you’re quick it’s rather easy to run by them. One you are outside, hug the wall and look around it to spot a floating undead angel monster that seems peaceful at first glance. Be careful, because as soon as she has line of sight on you, she’ll start flinging light beams at the player that can stagger and kill quickly. Run across the rocks and then jump down to the next platform.

Turn to your left and you’ll see a wooden pathway that wraps around the side of this building, however, the catch is that the angel will see you once you step out. Try to bait this Dark Souls III enemy to attack by peeking out and quickly taking cover before you’re hit. As soon as it stops firing, run out and follow the wooden walkway until you reach the Ring of Steel Protection +3 at the end. As soon as you grab it, pivot and run back before you are caught in this monster’s attacks and killed.

After you reach the end take a breather and inspect your new, shiny item! For more Dark Souls III The Ringed City guides, walkthroughs, and loot locations make sure to check out our wiki.

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