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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Get the Desert Pyromancer Skirt


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Get the Desert Pyromancer Skirt

Desert Pyromancer Skirt – Dark Souls III The Ringed City

Like many other armor sets in dark Souls III, if you want to complete this magic-based outfit you’ll need to obtain the Desert Pyromancer Skirt. In order to nab this piece of clothing, you will want to start at the second bonfire and make your way across the bridge, ducking into the house on the right so you’re not hit by the bolts of energy. Quickly move to the giant boulder in front of you and then turn and head into the small hole in the wall directly behind you. Make sure to move quickly as the angel will fire within a second or two of you becoming visible, so make sure your stamina is full before running.

Now head forward and then jump down to the section below you, but be careful as an Imp is hiding off to the left waiting for you. Kill it, and then move towards the swamp and quickly cross to the broken down house directly in front of you, but be quick because another angel is looming about. Turn and face to your right so you can see an item resting in the middle of several poison bugs. Rush towards them and quickly nab the Desert Pyromancer Skirt before the angel or poison kills you and run back.

Once you have this, you should have your first complete set of The Ringed City armor, as the Pyromancer gloves will be on the small path directly above the pants. Make sure to try these on if you are keen on setting everything you come across on fire.

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