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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Get Desert Pyromancer Garb


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Get Desert Pyromancer Garb

How to Get Desert Pyromancer Garb in Dark Souls III The Ringed City

Along with the various new weapons, enemies, and spells that players will encounter in Dark Souls III’s newest DLC The Ringed City, there is also a handful of new clothing options to obtain. One of these is the Desert Pyromancer Garb found relatively early on in the new expansion. In order to obtain this item you will need to have made your way to the second bonfire (the one right after the massive fall) and proceed out into the wasteland. From the bonfire head over the bridge and take cover against the broken wall to your right otherwise the flying death angel’s attacks will skewer you. Wait for the monster to stop firing and run to your right and take cover in the house on the platform just below you and wait once more for this enemy to halt its attacks. Now run out into the wasteland and quickly duck behind a giant rock before moving to your left and taking refuge on the left side of the small building. Follow the wall until you reach the back where two enemies will be hanging onto the wall.

Quickly dispatch these foes and then claim the Desert Pyromancer Garb laying at the far end. This chest piece actually resembles a corset, so it’s perfect for those spell slingers who want to both go out on the town and defend themselves with columns of fire. The weight for this item is 2.3 and it heavily increases your fire stat by 11.1 points, your magic by 10.5, and lightning by 12.7. For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips make sure to visit our Dark Souls III The Ringed City wiki.

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