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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Cross the Archer Bridge


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: How to Cross the Archer Bridge

How to Cross the Archer Bridge in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

There are a lot of things that can kill you in Dark Souls III, but The Ringed City introduces a rather devious method via a massive bridge of archers. In order to make it across the archer bridge, players will need to move from section to section while taking cover from what seems like over a hundred arrows at a time. Make no mistake, if these guys catch you they will pretty much instantly kill you, and it’s doubtful you’ll have enough stamina to outlast their entire barrage. From The Ringed City bonfire, run down the steps and take cover behind the right-hand tombstones until the first volley is done. From here, sprint forward and hug the right side until you reach the next set of graves that are laid out in a half circle.

By now, the mage conjuring these spirits will begin to pick up the pace, so wait until there is a gap between the two volleys of arrows before staying right once more and hanging out in the next half circle of tombstones. Stay in this area until both of the skeletons have been dispatched (they’re fairly easily to kill) and face the edge. You can try to sprint towards the mage, but the safer route is taking a running jump off the ledge onto a hidden platform below. Quickly roll off the roof and follow the path around until you reach a ladder that leads back up.

Climb up this ladder and take cover behind the small set of tombstones once more before running up the stairs on your right to confront the mage. Remember, he will still summon spirits to defend him so rush the big guy, get a few hits, and retreat behind the gravestone directly behind you. Always keep an eye out for his archers and melee spirits, as they hit very hard and can kill you quite quickly. After you slay this monster, all of the ghosts will vanish and you can now go back across the bridge and pillage the loot.

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