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Top 4 Best Heroes to Solo Carry With in Overwatch


Top 4 Best Heroes to Solo Carry With in Overwatch

Heavy Lifting.


The Best Solo Carry Heroes in Overwatch


For those looking to play Overwatch’s Competitive Mode, there are a few characters you might want to consider if you’re going it alone. While any hero can work, these four should be considered if you are having an issue climbing the ranks. However, that doesn’t mean you should never switch, as Overwatch relies on having a solid team composition that works nicely with each other. However, if you are looking for good characters that can help carry a team to victory these are our recommendations.

Roadhog is an off tank that’s capable of taking out a large amount of the roster with a single well timed combo via his hook and Scrap Gun. This makes him an exceptionally deadly combatant as he has the capability to remove key players from a fight in a matter of seconds. Given many battles are won or lost based on if a team’s healers are still around, Roadhog is an excellent choice for climbing through competitive. He has a rather alarming amount of self sufficiency, meaning if your team lacks a second healer you won’t need to worry as much about recuperating from damage.

Roadhog is also capable of holding his own against his counters such as Reaper, however, unless you land the hook it’s very likely you’ll be killed. Remember his alternate fire is most effective at about 20 meters away, meaning anything farther and you won’t be hitting for maximum damage. You can also manipulate where a target lands via his hook a little, which can allow a quick thinking player to literally force players over ledges or holes.

To do this, hook an enemy and then quickly turn in the direction you want them to go. Since his ability forces the enemy in front of Roadhog once hooked, you can literally drag them in front of you or over environmental hazards like the Well in Ilios. Use this technique to dispatch bigger targets like Reinhardt or Zayra, so you don’t have to spend time fighting them.


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