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Pokemon GO: How to Get a Sun Stone & What It Does


Pokemon GO: How to Get a Sun Stone & What It Does


With the newest Pokemon GO update now released upon the world, a plethora of new items are now available that can be used to evolve your Pokemon. One of these is the Sun Stone, which is an evolutionary item like the famed Water, Fire, and Thunder stones. While this item may only directly affect two Pokemon, it’s essential if you want to fill out your Pokemon GO Pokedex.

HOW TO GET a Sun Stone

Thankfully, obtaining one of these items in Pokemon GO is relatively painless, if not a bit tedious depending on your luck. To get this item you will need to be rewarded it for visiting a PokeStop via spinning the circular image like you normally would. We recommend just relaxing near an area that has multiple PokeStops overlapping one another so you have more then one try per 5 minutes.

WHAT DOES a Sun Stone DO?

So now that you have a Sun Tone, you will want to either obtain a Gloom or Sunkern. Both of these Pokemon require players to have a Sun Stone along with their requisite candies to evolve them into Bellossom and Sunflora. Both of these are grass Pokemon and have a rather adorable design that is too cute to pass up. In terms of Gloom, if you only use candies to evolve, you will get a Vileplume rather than a Bellossom.

With some time and luck you will be on your way to obtaining these powerful and cheerful grass pocket monsters in Pokemon GO.

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