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Oxygen Not Included Oxygen: How to Get and Manage it


Oxygen Not Included Oxygen: How to Get and Manage it

Oxygen Not Included is your chance to ensure the survival of a distant space colony. You’ll need to dig, build, and fight your way to the highest cycle count you can possibly reach. One of the most important aspects of this survival game, though, is Oxygen. It will constantly run out as your colonists breathe in and out, and you’ll need to make sure that there’s enough flowing through your terrarium.

Here are the ways that you can get oxygen flowing through your halls:

  • Oxylite – Consumable Ores that appear on the map when you load in, oxylite will naturally produce oxygen until it runs out and disappears from the space it took up.
  • Algae Terrariums – These will convert your carbon dioxide, which is perfect, because that stuff is totally not breathable. You will want to set these up in the lower levels, as carbon dioxide flows downward below oxygen. Keep in mind, though, that these do use a lot of algae, so don’t place too many of them. You’ll run out faster of that precious organic. Oh, and they gain a boost in output when under light, but it might not be all that worth it to you a lot of the time.
  • Algae Deoxydizer – These will change your algae supply into pure oxygen. They’re best placed in the upper levels and will use up a ton of algae if you’re not careful. Roll with just one of these in very populated levels that your colonists spend a lot of time in (or where your planter boxes are in).
  • Electrolyzer – This machine will pump out fresh oxygen so long as you give it a steady supply of water.
  • Diver’s Lungs – If all else fails, refuse any colonists that don’t have Diver’s Lungs for a trait. They’ll use way less oxygen whenever they breathe and can hold their breath for far longer.

All in all, you will eventually run out of that precious air, but the goal is to survive for as long as possible. Collect up all the algae you can and dig towards the pockets of oxygen you might stumble upon in your randomly generated map.

For more help with ONI, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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