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Nioh Sixth Boss Guide: How to Beat the Giant Centipede


Nioh Sixth Boss Guide: How to Beat the Giant Centipede

Giant Centipede – Nioh

Hey Dark Souls fans, do you like poison? Well if the answer’s yes then you’re going to absolutely love the Giant Centipede fight in Nioh. The sixth boss, this gargantuan bug can be found in the lowest portion of the mine, which is also conveniently flooded with poisonous gas. Before you even go into this fight we highly recommend stocking up on Antidotes (I personally used about 7 or 8 alone in this battle) and any poison resistance gear.

One of the single most important aspects with this fight is the geography of the map as there is a lot of space to maneuver on both the ground floor and platforms. As soon you enter the room, dart towards the ladder directly in front of you and head up to the second floor. Don’t worry about the Giant Centipede, this monster is one of Nioh’s slowest bosses and he has a long route to get up to that side. Quickly run over to the air filter and crank the handle to filter the poison out of the room. Hop back down and run around the pillar until you find a Yokai poison clump and quickly kill it.

Now run back towards the ladder and head back up to the air filter walkways and wait for the boss to come to you. Here’s the easy part, since the Giant Centipede can’t attack through the giant rocks you can keep strafing around and smacking him in the backside. You’ll want to focus on dislodging the bottom four portions of his body, as they will break off and run away after sustaining a fair amount of damage. Be careful because the Giant Centipede can turn its upper torso 180 degrees, so only get a few hits in before setting up the next strafe attack.

After all four parts are broken, wait until he stands up to spit poison and quickly turn the air filter on. Hop down and prepare for the boss, who will typically take his sweet ass time actually coming around the map to fight you. Once it arrives, the Giant Centipede will either charge forward snapping its jaws or try and spit either poison, paralyzing toxin, or just a boulder at you. If it charges towards you, just block when the mouth tries to grab you, as this will force the Giant Centipede to sit up and attempt to use a projectile on you. Either dodge the strike or dash to the side of it and begin attacking the sides to do some damage. Eventually, the head will come down and you can output some strikes on it before the bug attempts to bite you.

It’s important to take advantage of the boss’ rather limited move set as the Giant Centipede can be easily exploited or dodged. When the creature’s health drops to 75% it will run off and obtain those four ligaments you cut off at the beginning of the battle. Return back to where the air filter is and repeat the same process to dismantle the Giant Centipede before hopping back down to do more damage. Occasionally, when you’re fighting on the ground, it will fill up with poisonous smoke, just run up to the air filter, start it, and jump back down. As long as you don’t get poisoned, this is perhaps one of the easiest boss fights in all Nioh. Just punish the big critter when it misses the ranged shots and keep track of the poison gauge so you know when to retreat. In no time this massive bug will be just another footnote in your Nioh journey.

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