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Nioh: How to Level Up Easily


Nioh: How to Level Up Easily

How to Level Up Easily – Nioh

The level up system in Nioh bears a lot of resemblance to that of the Souls series. Players will collect Amrita much as they would Souls, trading in this resource to strengthen their fighter and take on bigger challenges. Typically, Amrita is gained by killing enemies. The stronger the foe, the more the “EXP” gain. However, that’s not the only way to level up in Nioh, and certainly not the easiest route to take. To help you out and lessen your grinding, here are all the ways to get experience in Nioh:

Opening chests will sometimes give you a bit of experience. It’s not much, but it’s fantastically easy.

Some consumable items will give you Amrita on use. Be careful with this, though. If you die (which happens a lot in Nioh), you’ll drop your Amrita along with your corpse. Use these level up items just before you spend your experience points.

You can trade gear for Amrita at shrines. It’s a good way to drop off armor or weapons you’re not using, and a great way to level up easily.

Amrita can also be attained by destroying crates. Level up as you roll around and break things.

And last but not least, keep killing bad guys. These mobs will be a constant source of Amrita as you travel through the game.


Keep all this in mind, and you’ll be able on the right track to easy levels in Nioh. Good luck!



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