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Nioh: How to Unlock the Hidden Teahouse


Nioh: How to Unlock the Hidden Teahouse

Re-fashion yourself.

Unlocking the Hidden Teahouse – Nioh

If you’ve unlocked the world map in Nioh, you might have noticed that there’s an option in the starting point menu that you can’t access just yet. This is the Hidden Teahouse, and it’s a nifty little place where you can go to unlock special rewards to help you out on your journey. To unlock the Teahouse, all you have to do is progress through the game normally until you reach the Spider Nest Castle level in Kinki. Beat this mission, and you’ll unlock this feature.

The Hidden Teahouse is where you can purchase tons of rare weapons and armor from a merchant. It’s also where you can re-fashion yourself with new character skins and purchase new gestures to show off to other online players. However, you’ll need a currency called Glory in order to purchase these. Glory can be obtained from killing Revenants, so if you’ve been farming Revenants for purple gear, you should have tons of Glory points to exchange for these exclusive items. It’ll be a while before you reach the mission that lets you unlock the Hidden Teahouse in Nioh, so consider stocking up on Glory before then.

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