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Nioh: How to Get a Gun


Nioh: How to Get a Gun

How to Get a Gun – Nioh

There are a lot of weapons in Nioh, however, some of the most powerful are hand cannons and rifles. These guns are one of the few ranged weapons in this title and will allow a good marksmen to pick targets off from afar. However, unlike your base two weapons, this item isn’t simply handed over to you in the early moments of the second mission. Obtaining this item will come more down to the randomness of Nioh’s loot system as any of the base bandits and Yokai can drop this item for you. It’s also possible to get a rifle off corpses or chests, as I received my first gun from the former.

The two different gun models you can get in Nioh are rifle’s and hand cannons, both of which have their strengths and weaknesses. Rifles are fantastic for long range combat and can be very deadly if players take the time to line up their shots. There doesn’t appear to be any damage fall off, so make sure to shoot down targets from a rooftop or tower. If you’re looking for raw stopping power, the hand cannon can take half of a large Yokai’s health away with little effort. While it lacks the precision of a rifle, this gun is best served for either finishing off powerful Yokai or initiating an attack.

You can also forge and purchases firearms via Nioh’s blacksmith in you’re interested in upgrading them further. There is also a variety of different ammo types so make sure to read up in the item descriptions for what they do to understand the best situations to use them. Rest assured, but the end of mission 2 there is little doubt that you’ll have in your very first gun to cause all sorts of pain with.

Now that you know how to get a gun, make sure to check out our Nioh wiki for more tips, guides, and walkthroughs.

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