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Nioh Green Kodama: What They Are & Why You Should Collect Them


Nioh Green Kodama: What They Are & Why You Should Collect Them

Think of them as little green friends.

Green Kodama – Nioh

While playing through the missions in Nioh, you will occasionally come across the little green demons hiding in every nook and cranny of the map. If you approach them, you’ll be able to interact with them and send them back to the shrine. There are a few benefits to doing so.

First off, finding the green Kodama will help to increase the maximum number of Elixirs you can carry. For every five that you find, you’ll gain one extra Elixir slot. However, do note that the Kodama are restricted to region. This means that you can have five extra Elixirs in the Kyushu region with 25 Kodama, but your number will be reset in the Chugoku region until you find the same number of Kodama there.

Next, you’ll also notice that these cute little guys wear different hats. Each hat corresponds to a different blessing that you can pay for at the shrine. The blessings will increase your chances of finding gear, healing items, and raw materials used for crafting weapons and armor. These only cost 100 gold each, so it’s wise to have one blessing active at all times.

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